Starter “How to scale your online business”

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As a consultant/coach or service provider, you sell your services well offline but would like to be financially free and have a better work-life balance. As an eCom-business owner, you made the first successful steps online, but total automatization and financial freedom are still missing.

Working more is, in both cases, not the answer. What if you could attract clients like a magnet and you are still not working more? What if you work half the time but get twice or triple the results?

The starter package supports you in setting the basics to be able to achieve precisely that goal. Without the basics, you will not attract more clients and won`t be able to scale.

The starter package includes the following aspects of a 6 month-coaching weekly  live calls and life long online starter academy access:

  • Defining the strategy, which includes the definition of a razor-sharp positioning, segmentation per service / product and ┬áre-assessing the current product fit to market
  • Screening of the direct and indirect competitor-market and sharpening the USPs of the products AND the transformation it brings for future clients (if not yet done)
  • Support in doing the “right” research (asking the right) questions to learn the real customer pain points
  • Developing a communication per segment, that triggers measurably behavior through a transformative communication with important psychological aspects for all communication types as a concrete guideline
  • Support in how to set up first mini lead magnets (ebooks, scripts etc.)
  • You`ll learn insights about psychological effects and psychological segmentation in marketing communication which will boost your communication KPIs even more in our Online Academy
  • Analysis and recommendation of CRM- / Marketing Automation Tools, incl. basic introduction for contact & tag management, newsletter send outs and how to build workflows

From our experience, the reason why no real impact could be seen in your online marketing – / communication activities, is either because you are attracting no or the wrong clients or the product- / market fit needs to be re-evaluated. A professional CRM and marketing automation tool is essential to be able to process and nurture your leadsd and contacts.

The improved results of your online marketing activities will be seen immediately – either in your newsletter communication or in your Social Media advertisements.

This starter package works for you, no matter if you have limited time or limited budget. Because with this package your time and budget will be focused in the right things so that you will see fast results.

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  1. Learning and implementing the 5 steps to a successful email-marketing:


    1) Definition Strategy

    2) Target Group Analysis
    3) Segmentation Data
    4) Customized Communication
    5) Marketing Automation
    What you will get out of this:
    -Guesswork is over and predictable sales = future
    -Automized income stream through streamlined email marketing
    -Triple Conversion Rates
    -Increase KPIs up to 50% within Funnel
    Increase Customer Satisfaction => they get only information they are 100% interested in
    Customer Communication on a personal level which increases the bond and therefore sales rates
    Deep segmentation which combines behavioral and psychological aspects that helps you to create a razor-sharp target communication with impactIncluded in this bundle:
    - Marketing Power of Subconsciousness
    - 1 year of group coaching once a week
    - 1 year of ongoing support through direct chat
    - 1 year of access to the upcoming email marketing academy


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