Use psychology and be a magnet for your clients




Introduction into the Power of Subconsciousness

People act unconsciously and perceive everything through their senses (see, touch, hear, feel, taste, smell). Additionally, they act irrationally because of product overload and psychological effects.

Not knowing psychological aspects and how to integrate them into your marketing communication leaves your communication with minimal impact.

Brandmind is specialized in implementing Personality and Behavioral Psychology into Marketing Communication to increase the effectiveness of your activities. We have been doing empirical research for over five years on effectively triggering personality types with products and marketing communication.

We have put all of this brand new knowledge and Christina`s 15 years of operational marketing experience and 60 years of behavioral psychology into this e-book with concrete examples of how to implement it into your daily work. We covered the whole marketing mix in this e-book and how you can integrate psychology in each and every step to be even more effective.


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