Guideline how to be a Lead Magnet (PDF)

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The must-have psychological guideline that will catapult your marketing and sales KPIs to new heights. It contains recent empirical and practical insights and concrete guidelines for your daily work: 

  • How to create your brand positioning based on psychology so that you develop a razor-sharp brand positioning in comparison to your competitors
  • The groundbreaking and empirically proven psychological ASPECTS-Model that was developed for marketing purposes which will help you understand on a much deeper psychographic level how people tick, how they behave, what they expect and how you need to address them to sell your products
  • The sensoric preferences that every psychological type has and how you can use that knowledge to boost EVERY Social Media Post and Reel to speak directly to your audience
  • Insights into Behavioral Economics / Psychology that will help you improve your marketing communication and designs
  • Concrete Guidelines to psychologically profile yourself, your Brand, your competitors and your product / service

Implementation Psychological Marketing Guideline to trigger subconsciousness in Marketing

For everyone who wants to understand the Basics in Marketing combined with Psychology, the latest findings from empirical research. This Guideline covers the whole Customer Journey and explains how you can build up impactful customer communication touchpoints, so that people will start to follow and buy from you.

Everything starts with the "right" target group. But what is that? The standard in the market is still a Persona- or a socio-demographic approach for a first segmentation. And the communication will be done based on gut feeling. Well, this is the reason why 90% of all communication fail, because there is no emotionally targeted message or design within those communications. The communications get lost in the noisy world.

With this guideline you`ll learn how to create impact in your measurable marketing activities.

Big corporates companies are paying worth 150`000 $ for that guideline, because it combines everything you need to know about how to implement psychology in marketing so effectively that you`ll have measurably higher impact in your activities, like triple conversion rates and up to 50% higher sales rates.

You`ll learn:

  • What it takes to develop & implement successfully Storytelling, Psychological Brand Positioning, Psychological Brand Communication, Customer Profiling, Psychological Customer / User Communication and psychological tricks from behavioral psychology.
  • Brand New Insights from practice and empirical research for which Corporate Companies pay minimum 150`000 CHF for the implementation.
  • Deeper Introduction into all psychological types of Brandmind`s empirically developed psychological ASPECTS® Model
  • Which Forms, Tastes, Material, Products, Smells etc. each and every personality type loves as a concrete guideline for marketing design and many more
  • Concrete examples of Social Media Posts and Newsletters
  • How to optimize processes, product framing and communication in general through behavioural economics

So dont miss out on this unique opportunity! This guideline is worth 2`890 Swiss Francs (CHF),because of it`s novelty.

But you will get it for ONLY 500 Swiss Francs (CHF).

If you need support in the implementation, we are always here for you.

Enjoy and we are looking forward to your feedback.


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