Marketing Power of Subconsciousness




Implementation Psychological Marketing Guideline to trigger subconsciousness in Marketing

You`ll learn:

  • What it takes to develop & implement successfully Step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 (except Sales and Product) => Storytelling, Psychological Brand Positioning, Psychological Brand Communication, Customer Profiling, Psychological Customer / User Communication and Nudging (Behavioral Science)
  • Brand New Insights from practice and empirical research for which Cororate Companies pay minimum 150`000 CHF for the implementation.
  • Deeper Introduction into all psychological types of the ASPECTS® Model
  • Which Forms, Tastes, Material, Products, Smells etc. each and every personality type loves as a concrete guideline for marketing design and many more
  • Concrete examples of Social Media Posts and Newsletters
  • How to optimize processes, product framing and communication in general through behavioural economics


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