Your subconscious mind is an enigma, constantly working behind the scenes, processing excessive information, and crafting your experiences in ways you may not even be aware of. Awareness of this power, brands employ a multisensory approach to connect deeply and create lasting impressions. Here’s an exploration of how the world’s most successful brands engage the subconscious mind through the five senses and how the integrated multisensory approach impacts the entire customer journey.

  1. Touch – Apple: A Tactile Experience

Apple, the tech behemoth, has perfected the art of touch. Its products’ meticulously designed shapes and weights, from the smooth curve of an iPhone to the solid feel of a MacBook, stimulate our subconscious. They don’t just create products; they curate an experience. When users hold an Apple product, the subconscious association of quality, reliability, and luxury is formed, making it more than just about functionality.

  1. See – Coca-Cola: A Visual Feast

The unmistakable crimson hue of Coca-Cola is recognized worldwide. This isn’t by accident. The brand has used the same shade of red consistently throughout its history. Our subconscious mind associates this particular red with refreshment. Whether it’s a billboard or a TV commercial, the mere sight of this color triggers memories, experiences, and the taste of the iconic drink.

  1. Hear – Intel: The Signature Bong

Anyone who’s watched the end of a computer advertisement is likely familiar with Intel’s signature five-note bong. This distinct sound instantly connects listeners to a sense of innovation and reliability. Intel’s auditory branding tugs at our subconscious mind every time we hear it by constantly associating this sound with cutting-edge technology and quality products.

  1. Smell – Starbucks: The Aromatic Allure

The moment you step into a Starbucks, the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee envelops you. This is no accident. Starbucks understands the vital link between smell and memory. That distinct coffee aroma isn’t just selling a drink; it’s selling an experience, a ritual, and a moment of relaxation. Our subconscious associates this scent with warmth, comfort, and a sense of belonging, making us return for more.


  1. Taste – McDonald’s: The Flavor of Consistency

Taste is the most direct way to our subconscious. McDonald’s has capitalized on this. A Big Mac tastes unmistakably like a Big Mac in Tokyo or Toronto. This consistent flavor profile ensures that our subconscious mind strongly connects the taste and the brand. Every bite guarantees the same quality and taste, a feat few global brands have achieved.

Integrated Multisensory Approach: Crafting a Cohesive Customer Journey

For brands, it’s more than just stimulating a single sense at a touchpoint. The real magic happens when a brand integrates all senses throughout the customer journey, offering a cohesive experience.

For instance, Disneyland excels at this. From the moment you enter the park, every sense is engaged. You see the iconic Cinderella Castle, hear the joyful background music, touch the intricate designs of the rides, smell the freshly popped popcorn, and taste the unique treats from different park areas. The customer journey from entry to exit is a series of integrated multisensory experiences that ensure every visitor is wholly immersed in the world of Disney.

Nike, too, employs this approach in their flagship stores. As you walk in, you see visually captivating product displays. The tactile experience of trying on their shoes, the curated playlists you hear, which motivate and energize, the smell of new sportswear, and sometimes even a juice bar in the store to engage your taste buds – all contribute to a comprehensive brand experience.

In Conclusion:

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool, and brands that understand its intricacies can connect deeply with their audience. The importance of an integrated multisensory approach throughout the customer journey is undeniable. It isn’t just about a singular experience; it’s about creating a harmonious and cohesive brand story that lingers long after the interaction ends. The next time you’re crafting a brand experience, remember to engage, enthrall, and envelop your audience’s senses. The subconscious and the success rewards those who do!

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