Innovation in Brand and Marketing Communication.

Why classic approaches are no longer sufficient.

The current fast technological development in Marketing concentrates only on Software that allows Marketing to be more efficient in delivering more campaigns at the same time and in different channels.

But the most important aspect to create impact in Customer Marketing, is the “right” communication. No Software helps in answering the question how to set up marketing campaigns the right way, so that customers “decode” the message as they should.

Cornèrcard was searching for an innovative way to be even more supportive for their clients and to increase their brand loyalty. A lot of classic market research has been done in the past, but the questions of what people unconsciously and emotionally drive in using credit cards, what they unconsciously associate with the Brand Cornèrcard and how the communication needs to be adjusted so that people unconsciously decode the message right, was still unanswered.

That`s why Cornèrcard started a cooperation with Brandmind.

This collaboration contained work on the Brand and in Customer Marketing.

So let`s take a first look into Brand Communication. There are some insights needed before an effective Brand Communication can be implemented.

Unconscious perception of the Brand in the market = Brand Positioning

First the question appears about the actual Brand Positioning in the market which is not only based on how the Brand is being perceived internally. This is not enough to consider. Because the actual Brand Positioning is how people in the market perceive the Brand unconsciously.

Most of the time the unconscious perception of the Brand in the market differs from the internal perception. Makes sense, because people don`t experience your Brand as employees within the organization. And they also don`t know where you see your Brand positioned in the future.

The question is how you can align both perceptions over time. A clear definition of a concrete holistic Brand Implementation Framework as a Guide is needed to assure a “right” communication. This builds the bridge between Brand Values and the creative implementation.

Innovation in Customer Marketing Communication

The most innovative factor in Customer Marketing is to know exactly

  • What people associate unconsciously and emotionally with the service or product and
  • How the target groups want to be approached in communication

Both consistent approaches are innovative in the market, because it requires fundamental and proven know-how through empirical research in sensory preferences of psychometric profiles and qualitative market research with neuronal measurements (e.g. EEG) to really get that deep.

Direct and indirect communication is embedded in Words, Pictures, Words, Symbols, Colors, Shapes etc. All of that sensory elements are Codes. Codes that need to be orchestrated correctly in the development of creatives in Marketing to assure that people unconsciously decode those correctly and get emotionally triggered through the right message.

Brandmind supports Cornèrcard in that whole holistic journey to achieve the goal for Cornèrcard to be innovative and to redefine personalization in Marketing on a whole new level.


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Christina Hoffmann
Founder & CEO Brandmind GmbH
Lecturer in Neuromarketing, Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Brand Marketing at HWZ, Zurich Elite Business School and ZhaW.


About the Company:
BrandMind is a consultancy turning into a Marketing-Tech company that creates emotional experiences across all (digital) touchpoints. At BrandMind, everything is about triggering the emotions of consumers and providing an outstanding customer experience based on scientific know-how. We specialize in the combination of neuromarketing, psychology, and artificial intelligence. With in-depth knowledge from brain research and psychology, we can apply our know-how to all touchpoints and measure it in the future. Due to our scientifically founded tool, we can provide psychometric marketing for companies in the future with which the relevant Online-KPIs, such as (CR, Sales, etc.), can be massively increased.