We believe in emotions and their impact on buying behavior.

  • 95% of all purchase decisions are made unconsciously and on an emotional basis
  • 90% of all products and their marketing activities are unemotional and exchangeable

Why should customers buy and stay loyal?

Many industries continue to question the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

High budgets are invested in (online) marketing / brand campaigns and product developments. Many of these activities remain without success.

However, there is always an uncertainty factor in how far

  1. the right target group is reached
  2. the product really meets the needs of the target group
  3. the creative story with the developed product really arrives among the target audience

The big challenges lie in the following areas:

  • too superficial (socio-demographic) segmentations or
  • too past-oriented segmentations (behavior) and / or
  • a very creative story, but somehow does not reach the desired target group or
  • there is still potential in online targeting of agencies

We help companies to reduce these uncertainties to a minimum through our unique know-how in neuromarketing and psychology.

Our empirically based BrandMind EMOSENS Model is unique on the market worldwide. Working with psychometric profiles, we are able to trigger consumer emotions and thus improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all marketing, product and sales activities at all digital touchpoints.